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On October 31, Mercury, the planet of communication, temporarily moves backwards. Be prepared for many miscommunications and malfunctions through November Avoid signing any serious contracts, but if you must, be sure to read the fine print before you put your name on the dotted line. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

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Today's Horoscope | UK Horoscopes | Daily Mail Online

Related Story. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Astrology. In , the love and social life will represent the main interest areas. The Fire Signs will have many satisfactions, and for the couples that tried for many consecutive years to have children, Jupiter will make miracles in this regards and will create a favorable context.

13 Unbelievable Traits of People Born in October

Certainty, some exceptions may exist, depending on the particularities of the personal horoscope, which is made taking into consideration the place, date and the exact hour. But, in general, the year is announcing to be quite peaceful. The existing relationships will proceed in the normal parameters. And in case of new relationships, it is unlikely for them to evolve in some stormy passions or who knows what turbulences that could significantly affect the existence of the natives. The feelings and passion of Scorpio are going to reach maximum levels this year, and this can only be a good thing, especially in love.

Since , for many years, Neptune has been in Pisces. In December , Saturn also returned home, in Capricorn.

Love and Compatibility for November 27 Zodiac

In November , Jupiter also moved in Sagittarius. Take full advantage of these periods that display a maximum of planetary energy to complete your big projects. On March 5, Mercury enters in a retrograde position for the first time in , and it will maintain its position until March Its influence will be powerful not only for Pisces, but also for the other two Water signs: Cancer and Scorpio. Between July 8 and August 1, we can discuss about a period of introspection, reanalysis, reorganization, corrections and return to some projects, relationships, actions.

It is not recommended to start new actions, to launch new projects or businesses. It is time to resume some discussion, to make some corrections to the projects that were started few years ago, to renegotiate contracts, partnerships and we can also restart some courses or change our minds about other courses, or friendships. In October, Mercury will deliver a coup de grace: we will witness the recognition of the true values and the punishment of those who tried to take advantage of others for the past 27 years. The third period is when Mercury goes back to a direct trajectory, on November 20, in Scorpio.

It is the best time to concretize projects, to make the changes that we want and many things that we kept facing in the second part of July will start to clarify.

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We have more energy, as if we wish to recover a lost time, this being the perfect time for a new momentum. It will help you find solutions more easily and, because of its influence, you will be able to avoid games, drama and any complicated situations. Trusted Psychic Mediums. As a Sagittarius born on the 27th of November , you are elegant, ambitious, and energetic.

People look up to you because you have a natural sense of class and style. There seems to be some sort of economy of action in what you do. For every word that you say, you are able to communicate separate layers of meaning. You are known to be quite economical with your words and actions.

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People understand this. People are able to read a tremendous amount of gravity and importance in the things that you do. As economical as your words and actions may be, you are also very energetic. You put a lot of force and power in the things that you pursue. Lovers born on November 27th are charming, and they consider their partner to be the best person in the world. You tend to talk in terms of superlatives when it comes to matters of the heart. The reason for this is you consider yourself quite a picky person.


You put in a lot of time and effort. This is why your choices turn out to be the right ones most of the time. Once you believe that you have made the right choice as far as love partners are concerned, you are ready to give everything to them. You are mostly attracted to other fire signs like Leo and Aries, because they tend to look at things that same way you do. People born on this day are very ambitious. Usually, when people talk about ambition, they think about management, finance, and material gain.

But your ambition can also involve non-profit organizations. In fact, going the non-profit route might be the best career choice for you.