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He has also penned a book named Ramal Gyan and it is one of the notable works in the science. Devoting his life towards teaching astrology so that it can reach every soul, he has been honored as chairman, editor and guest blogger on prominent stages. Address: Rajasthan Astrological council and research institute. Meet Jyotish Vinod Shastri, who is a popular columnist and the writer of Astrology section in the highest-selling newspaper of India — Dainik Bhaskar.

The astrologer holds prestige for his globally graced name and a large number of satisfied customer bases since To gain a deep understanding of astrological phenomena, international organizations have cordially invited him across oceans as he is proficient in the science of Horoscope, Vastu and Palmistry. Shastri has been the HOD of Sanskrit at the University of Rajasthan yet he keeps on contributing and researching in the field of astrology with his wide knowledge.

Address: D. A legendary global name in Astrology- Dr. Brahama Dutt Sharma, who is a continuously growing figure, the author of ten astrological books and an astrology expert at Braham Jyotish Vastu Kendra. The books written by him are no less than a treasure for astrological students who find a great number of learning resources in them.

Interpreting the planetary positions, the Jyotish makes revelations, which are exact to a great extent and have been useful in solving many problematic situations. He has been called a couple of times to other countries for his valuable intuitions. Possessing in-depth knowledge learned from distinguishable resources, Er.

10 Best Famous Astrologers in Jaipur City (In )

With a keen inquisition in planets and heavenly entities that rule human behavior, the astrologer has been bestowed with Jyotish Visharad in , Vastu Ratna in and Excellence award in He has also attained expertise in Pyra Vastu. Book a personal interaction session with this astrologer who has been giving his treasured perceptions to his clientele for over 21 years, reading thousands of horoscopes.

The astrologer follows KP astrology for the purpose of forecasting, which is a very rare form used by a few astrologers only. Krishnamurti Paddhati Astrology or KP astrology is one form of ancient astrology that differs from Vedic astrology, in which calculations are made based on Nakshatras.

The astrologer is well-known to predict important events like FIFA world cup, Cricket predictions, etc. Legal Notice. How it works. Services near you. Sign Up. Success stories. Help center. Join us on. Star 5. Star 5 Star 5. Made with in Paris. During his bad days we introduced him to a Delhi friend of ours, who donated Rs 10,, we were so pleased with our friend.

Only to find that after meeting him for 45 minutes, our friend was broadcasting on the net forums that he has learnt astrology from Mr. Then few months later under the garb of digitizing Nadi Manuscripts our friend visited Patel and took Buddha Nadi and Dhruv Nadi from him never to return back.

This was our sin and our mistake for introducing such a friend to an old man whose only possession in life was his books. Now the world will never see those manuscripts as our friend has disappeared with it, the only copy of that manuscript gone whereas we were fooled as he said he is close to K.

Rao and as his letters often appeared in K. This loss of nadis is due to us and our 1st Sin against him. Once we took him as Guest of Honor to a conference where he gave lecture on retrogression which was the title of his forth coming book, later half way through lunch he rushed back and got his papers on retrogression which he had kept on the dais knowing the history of plagiarism, the organizers quietly ridiculed him of leaving lunch and going for his papers.

He did this as his book on retrogression was not out. Well 1. We were furious but kept this to ourselves and did not inform Patel Saheb as he would have died of heart attack and as if he did not have enough problems. Taking him to that conference was our 2nd sin against a man who trusted us. H e was not in touch with the younger generation and most of us thought he was no longer alive. Sanjay has written few good books in astrology. Such small meetings with the children of Indian Astrology gave him thrill and excitement in his lonely old days.

We saw that he always had such high regard towards his fellow astrologers, praising them many a times. We always found this such an amazing quality in him, inspite of the injustice that had been done to him. How can such hypocrisy exist is tough to believe. It is 3 yrs later we realized why he said Venus. In India one of the main religious rituals is the after death rituals, which is to ease the passage of soul into the next life. This is the most important ritual exhibiting how important reincarnation or moksha is for Indians.

T here is the perception in modern western astrology that romantic and marriage success depends on really super synastry between the two individuals or perhaps a wonderful composite of the two charts. There is no doubt that good synastry is very useful since it does rule sexual attraction. Without it, a relationship would be cold and lifeless.

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We have all been introduced to or met someone and suddenly there was this enormous attraction! That is synastry in action. It works on the planetary aspects between the charts, especially the conjunctions. Synastry merely needs to be reasonable; it does not have to be perfect for a relationship to succeed.

As long as you have easy aspects between the. Ron Bippus is a professional Astrologer Ascendant, Sun and Moon of the two partners then good timing will take care of the rest. If both partners have the Moon in with 35 years experience. Ron has re-typed the same sign this is especially helpful all of William Lilly's "Christian Astrology" since it allows easy communication and and it is now available in modern English. This is the most informative book ever written on the art of horary astrology. Yet there is strong resistance amongst western astrologers to apply this effective tool to relationships.

To have a good relationship you not only need good synastry with its attraction, you also need a good birth time for the relationship. This is after all the natal chart of the. Like the natal chart of a living human being, once the child is born there is no way to ever change its chart. The only thing that trumps a First Date Chart st is a marriage chart which is a legal For romance you want the ruler of the 1 or contract.

In order to ensure a good coruler Moon in easy applying aspect to the ruler th relationship you need to elect or of the 5. Separating aspects mean the choose a time for the first date that relationship can never become closer and the will strongly encourage the attraction partners will eventually separate. It is not helpful to use the modern planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto as rulers of signs.

Rather, use them like the fixed stars, keeping in mind their own special qualities but not using them for rulerships of signs. I nternet and virtual dating are part of modern 21st century society, and some dating websites claim they now facilitate 90 marriages per day. For couples who meet on Internet dating websites, first dates or first meetings that encourage relationship success can be very conveniently arranged. People who meet on the Internet generally chat for a few weeks before they physically meet for coffee or dinner.

Astrologically, I define the first date as the time two people meet face to face with acknowledged romantic intent. If you meet someone at a social gathering and arrange to meet them at a later date then be sure you follow the astrological rules. An unexpected meeting is not a first date. If the other person is not willing to meet you at a time of your As long as the Moon as coruler 1st applies choosing then the relationship will not last by easy aspect to Mars or Venus, no matter very long anyway.

You are better off th giving it a miss. That is the conclusion I which one of them rules the 5 , then a lasting came to after dozens of dates with women attraction will develop and the partners will I met on dating websites. In countries fall in love. S o what are the factors that are necessary to make a romance sizzle? The process is actually very simple; there are only two main rules that need to be followed. For romance you want the ruler of the 1st or coruler Moon in easy applying aspect to the ruler of the 5th.

Separating aspects mean the relationship can never become closer and the partners will eventually separate. Romance, sex and children are issues ruled by the 5th house and the Moon rules the emotional intent of the moment. The Moon in aspect to Mars brings sexual desire and in aspect to Venus it brings love. If the Moon makes an easy aspect to one of these planets but a hard aspect to the other then the romance will still work.

It is the presence of the aspect that is important. Let a Mars or Venus ruled sign be on the cusp of the 5th house. These are the signs Aries, Scorpio, Taurus and Libra. As long as the Moon as coruler 1st applies by easy aspect to Mars or Venus, no matter which one of them rules the 5th, then a lasting attraction will develop and the partners will fall in love.

Needless to say, if you show up for the first date dressed in rags and unwashed for a week then no astrology will bring you success! J Both partners should look their best according to the highest expectations of their culture. K eep in mind that two planets are not in aspect unless the aspect perfects before the planets change signs. This change of signs is called a refranation because the person ruled by the planet making the change refrains from completing his intended action.

The easiest way to prevent this problem is to choose a date where none of the inner planets are near the end of a sign. A date near the 20th of each month should be avoided because the Sun and the inner planets all change signs around that time. The planets are also not in aspect unless the aspect perfects without the intervening aspects to or from other planets. This is called a prohibition. The only other rule is that the last applying aspect of the Moon within an orb of thirteen degrees should be an easy one and never to Uranus.

Supreme LIFE GURU, NLP Coach, Healer, Astrologer, Numerologer,...

If you want to attract the person you have selected, then let the Moon be in Aries, Leo, Libra or Capricorn, because these signs have a lot of strength and power. An applying aspect of the Moon to the Sun is good because it indicates great choice in romantic partners. Make sure the Moon does not apply to any aspect to Saturn; otherwise the intended romantic partner will be too cold and critical and will decline the offer of romance.

Also make sure that the Moon is not in Pisces, because this sign often indicates hidden health problems. Gemini, Libra or Aquarius should be considered, since they usually indicate good communication and great pleasure. But if the Moon is in any aspect to Jupiter, then the other person will refuse the offer of romance. Be aware that Venus in the 1st house in dignified in Libra or exalted in Pisces brings great joy.

Saturn in the 7th brings discord between the two parties and failure to bond romantically. Below is an example of a first date that does everything right. T he chart above has Sagittarius rising, Jupiter ruler 1st is peregrine in Scorpio in the 11th house of friends. He is now an acquaintance but would like to be her lover, the 11th being her 5th of romance. Moon coruler 1st is in the 1st in Sagittarius in applying opposition to Venus ruler 11th and 6th and in applying trine to Mars ruler 5th of romance. They met on the internet and agreed to go for dinner, and this is the first time they met in person.

This is not a marriage, so the 7th house ruled by Mercury does not enter consideration. By the time dinner was finished she was infatuated and they have been a couple ever since. The last aspect of the Moon is a conjunction to Pluto ruler 12th, so both parties had a lot of personal secrets that came out much later. They are now living together and are planning to get married. People can meet and fall passionately in love just based on the synastry. If either partner is only interested in a one night stand but unexpectedly falls in love, then unfortunately the first date can never be undone.

Time flows only forward. T he chart has Taurus rising, Venus ruler 1st is in applying sextile to Mars ruler 7th. This chart was elected by the woman who thought of herself as an astrologer. Unfortunately, the aspect does not come true until after both planets change signs, so this is a refranation and will never work. The Moon applies to a trine of the Sun ruler 5th and they became intimate 20 minutes after meeting for the first date at his apartment.

She called four days later to end the relationship because she said she didn't want to get hurt; Moon square Node four degrees orb. She called again after Christmas to say she wanted to see him again; he. The — Kumaraswamiyam, a Tamil Moon translates the light from Pluto classic. If the Lord of the ascendant be Combust, or infortunate in. A s the above article proves, the the twelfth, or joined to the Lord synastry between the two of the twelfth, there may be people is not a good indication great feare, that the party of relationship success.

The synastry enquiring or enquired for is in the unsuccessful example was Enchanted or Bewitched, or else actually much better than in the some evil Spirits does haunt him. There is astrologer no doubt that while synastry is useful, the tool of timing so effective in natal astrology needs to be applied to P lacement of Ketu in the 12 th.

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Synastry House is supposed to promise merely needs to be reasonable; it does Moksham but it need not be not have to be perfect for a interpretated as the last Janma relationship to succeed. Timing is life everything. A common theme is leadership challenge and removal, or gain of power. It can be seen frequently in job layoffs, new career directions, or in the loss or gain of a leadership role. Related to this is the fact that the 8 th degree of. Michele Adler is a full-time US Aries has appeared by transit, progression or direction in all four US presidential assassinations, and in all but one of the 13 astrologer, who began her study of attempted presidential assassinations.

She has written three However, it would be wrong to call 8 Cardinal books on astrology. Her most recent is an assassination degree: it is, more accurately, Predictive Astrology: Cycles of Change, a turning point degree, which contains an Seasons of Meaning, a compilation of embedded challenge, and it should be noted that western astrology prediction techniques.

The turning point indicated by 8 Cardinal frequently involves confrontation, yet occasionally a triumph after a long period of work and failure. This article attempts to document the experiences of 8 Cardinal. Some time ago, I noticed that the 8th degree of the cardinal signs—Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, appeared with impressive regularity in progressions.

These turning points usually involved careers— attaining some major position or losing a position or the beginnings of what would become groundbreaking efforts. There was frequently a confrontation involved in the turning points associated with 8 Cardinal, usually a challenge to be overcome. I know that many consider any degree after 8 degrees 00 to be 9 degrees, but I wanted to keep this simple. It should also be noted that the shattering of precedence is a theme of 8 Cardinal. His secondary progressed Ascendant was at 8 Libra On Dec. His solar arc Venus was at 8 Libra Harvey Milk became the first gay person ever elected to public office in November when he became a member of the Board of Supervisors in San Francisco.

His solar arc Ascendant was at 8 Aries The following year, with the Ascendant at 9 Aries, he was assassinated. Leadership Challenge and Confrontation One of the most common themes that I have seen in this degree is leadership challenge and leadership removal. The degree can turn up when a leader resigns or retires or leaves a. It turns up when a leader assumes power. As Aries is the sign of leadership, it seemed natural to begin researching the US presidency.

It occurred by solstice point of 22 Virgo in an attempt on George W. The 8th cardinal degree was also present in the assassinations of other leaders outside of the United When I began exploring the progressions and States. Confrontational turning points, unfortunately, can include death and violence.

It should be noted that more US presidents escaped assassination attempts as were actually assassinated with this degree in operation. And, finally, most politicians running for office are always facing a turning point that will involve overcoming confrontations.

So the degree in the charts of Obama and McCain should be viewed in that light. It is also interesting to note that the assassinated presidents were followed by vice presidents who also had the 8 Cardinal or 22 Virgo solstice point operating. Abraham Lincoln was assassinated on April 14, , with transiting Neptune at 8 Aries 40 in conjunction with his natal Venus at 7. When Andrew Johnson assumed the US. Kennedy though assassinated in , he had escaped a previous assassination plot in , which is listed separately ; Richard Nixon two attempts ; Gerald Ford two attempts ; Jimmy Carter; Ronald Reagan, George H.

Bush; Bill Clinton, and George W. It should be noted that I left in George H. Bush, who had been out of office for about three months before an assassination attempt, but it was related to Saddam Hussein. It should also be noted that Johnson had a natal Mars at 9 Libra. James Garfield was born with his natal Pluto in 8 Aries, and it was still in that degree in his 3 secondary progressions when he was shot on July 2, at AM in Washington D.

Charles Guiteau, the lawyer who fatally wounded Garfield, had his secondary progressed Venus at 22 Virgo William McKinley was fatally wounded after being shot on Sept. He was succeeded by Teddy Roosevelt on Sept. At the time of his assassination on Nov. Kennedy had solar arc Uranus, converse solar arc Jupiter and a converse solar arc Vertex at 8 Aries. Johnson had natal Saturn at 9 Aries. John Connally, the Texas governor who was critically wounded in the attack that killed Kennedy had a secondary progressed third house cusp using the Koch house system at 8 Aries The Kennedy assassination occurred in a moving vehicle, aptly symbolized by the third house.

In addition, he had converse solar arc Jupiter and converse solar arc Vesta both at 8 Cancer. Franklin D. The Ascendant for the event was 8 Libra 16, and the Midheaven at 8 Cancer There were two failed attempts made on the life of President Gerald Ford, both in September, At the first attempt, on Sept.

On Sept. At that time, the in Kuwait. Aries At the time, he had a solar arc Moon at 8 Capricorn Two attempts were made on the life of Richard Nixon when he was US president. Bremer had converse solar arc Hades at 8 Aries 54 at the time, and secondary progressed Saturn at 22 Virgo Bremer also had a natal Uranus at 8 Cancer Nixon had at the time a secondary progressed Mercury at 9 Aries 18, beyond the scope of 8 Cardinal.

At the time, Clinton had a solar arc Zeus representing gunfire in Uranian astrology , a converse secondary progressed Part of Fortune, and a secondary progressed Neptune all at 8 Libra. Though he was assassinated on Nov. Kennedy escaped an assassination plot three years earlier. The plot had even reached its staging point, when the man saw the president with his wife, young daughter and infant son and decided against it. At the time of this plot, Kennedy had a converse solar arc Mercury at 8 Aries 28, and a secondary progressed Vesta at 8 Aries Bush was giving a speech in Freedom Square in Tibilsi when a man threw a live grenade towards the podium where he was standing.

It landed in the crowd, but did not detonate because of a chance malfunction. At the time, Bush had a solar arc Saturn at 22 Virgo It should also be noted that on March 29, , the exact date of a solar eclipse at 8 Aries, Ahmed Omar Abu Ali, who had ties to Al Qaeda, was sentenced to 30 years in prison for plotting to assassinate Bush. Taylor, Harding and Harrison: deaths in office Three US presidents died in office apparently of natural causes. They reflect the removal of a leader definition of 8 Cardinal, unfortunately by death.

They are included here for information purposes, since they also had the 8 Cardinal, 22 Virgo signature at the time of their deaths. Zachary Taylor, 12th president of the US, fell ill and died of gastroenteritis on July 9, , while still in office. At the time of his death, his secondary progressed Moon and solar arc Uranus were at 22 Virgo.

At the time of his death, Harding had a secondary progressed Sun at 8 Capricorn 57, and a converse solar arc Part of Fortune at 8 Cancer It is assumed Harding died of either a heart attack or a stroke. Though he died of viral pneumonia on April 4, , one month after being inaugurated, US President William Henry Harrison nonetheless had solar arc Neptune at 8 Cancer His successor, John Tyler, had his natal Sun at 8 Aries. Martin Luther King Jr.

Kennedy of New York were assassinated within three months of each other, and following a solar eclipse on March 28, , at 8 Aries, with Kennedy also having solar arc Mars at 22 Virgo, the solstice point of the eclipse degree of 8 Aries. King had a converse secondary progressed Vertex at 21 Virgo 34, close to the solstice Indira Gandhi, prime minister of India, was assassinated on point of the eclipse.

King Oct. Chiron at 8 Aries Rajiv Gandhi became prime minister of India upon the assassination of his mother. Pakistan prime minister, was 8 assassinated on Dec. At the time of her death, the transiting Midheaven was at 8 Aries. Elizabeth I also had natal Chiron in 8 Aries in the 3rd house. Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated on Jan. This was in conjunction with his natal Sun of 8 Libra 53, 12th house. Transiting Saturn was at 8 Libra There were at least two other political assassinations attempts that had 8 Aries prominent. Vladimir Lenin, architect of Soviet communism, had converse solar arc Jupiter at 8 Aries.

Other Turning Points Involving Violence Other events involving violence as a turning point which had the 8 Cardinal signature:. The transiting Moon was at 8 Aries When O. She was later acquitted. Turning Points With Risk The Cardinal 8th shows up at times when a turning point occurs not so much with confrontation as with courage or initiative. This is another example of how the degree operates. The confrontation element morphs into focus and determination when it is found in the charts of those who persistently strive towards a goal.

It is also present in transits on the days when significant achievements are made public. Neil Armstrong had his secondary progressed Ascendant at 8 Cancer when he walked on the Moon. Henry Ford introduced his Model T automobile on Oct. The first oil well was struck on Jan. Peter Grunberg and Albert Fert, working separately, both discovered the giant magnetoresistance effect in that is recognized as the birth of spintronics, ultimately leading to such devices as music players and laptops.

In , at the time of their separate discoveries, Grunberg had his converse secondary progressed Sun at 8 Aries 51 and a secondary progressed Jupiter at 7 Aries 54 progressed to May 18, Fert had a solar arc Jupiter at 7 Aries 15 progressed to March 7, On April 16, , Dr. Albert Hoffman discovered the psychedelic properties of LSD and accidentally dosed himself. His solar arc Saturn was at 8 Aries Mars was at 8 Libra 38 when Wiley Post became the first person to fly solo around the world July 22, At the time, Wiley had the secondary progressed North Node, solar arc Uranus and solar arc Chiron at 8 Capricorn, and a converse solar arc Midheaven at 8 Libra There are some sources that give his year of birth as I checked numerous references on the internet, and seems to be the preferred date, rather than which was given in his biography.

It is interesting that works of art associated with 8 Cardinal books and movies most noticeably may contain the theme of the passing of tradition. The novel focused on Holden Caulfield, the principal character, and his resistance of maturity. At the time, her secondary progressed Midheaven was at 8 Cancer Communist Cuba began with the overthrow of the existing government by Fidel Castro on Jan.

The Moon was at 8 Libra 19 South Korea was granted independence on Aug. Pakistan proclaimed its independence on Aug. The Book of World Horoscopes. Bristol, UK: Cinnabar Books, On Jan. Jupiter was at 8 Cancer 17 conjunct Pluto at 5 Cancer On April 1, , Dutch laws went into effect legalizing gay marriage. Venus was at 8 Aries Neptune was at 8 Aries 28 the day that Robert E. Lee surrendered, ending the American Civil War. Two good examples:. During the four years following that phase, his brother, Robert Kennedy, was killed June, and he abandoned a car in which a young woman drowned on Chappaquidick July, , which many feel negated his chances of ever becoming US president.

Two examples: When Terri Schiavo was disconnected from her life support on March 18, at about 24 PM , the Moon was at 8 Cancer 57 and out of bounds by declination. There was a major conflict about the decision between her husband and her parents Cancer , and the decision had to do with removing her feeding Cancer tube.

The decision resulted in discussion that still continues over the ethics of the situation. Uranus was at 8 Aries 22 retrograde on the day of the US stock market crash Oct. The beginning of each phase is marked by the position of the secondary progressed Moon. The Moon for the closing time was 22 Virgo 02, solstice point of 8 Aries.

The Symbol Systems Rounding up the 8th Cardinal to 9 Cardinal, one finds a variety of potential images. These Sabian symbols do not seem to directly imply turning points, at least not to me. I can probably stretch the point by saying that the seer is obviously looking to the future and what it will bring. The three old masters imply input from a variety of sources, and the fact that they are hanging immobile in an art gallery—and not out disagreeing with one another— speaks of the kind of civil competition that candidates at least try to feign in political races.

The girl trying to catch a fish speaks of combat of a sort. Only the angel carrying the harp is definitely an image of transition.

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  8. But one can also assume that the harp, representing music, might mean that someone is speaking up, and making their own music, perhaps for the first time. That could certainly coincide with a turning point, ranging from an activist suddenly becoming vocal, or a spiritual awakening. Charubel and Sepharial Systems26 The Charubel and Sepharial systems seem more attuned to the theme of turning points and confrontation. The image implies a choice, yet a choice where there is only one real way.

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    The competitive element is also present, with the spider prepared to defeat the flies. But the man on the high mountain? Is this a turning point for him? Are his intentions good, or is he really on the same level with the spider of 9 Cancer? New York: Penguin, The Degrees of the Zodiac Symbolized. Available at www. This does not seem to be a competitive thing, but is one of duration and is in keeping with events previously cited of scientific achievement. It also implies the courage of confrontation, and perhaps the mythology and legendry that grows from it.

    The broken key is the sign of 27 those abortive enterprises in which he will engage to his undoing and loss of reputation. The feeling is of rising above something. Yet something is also implied of a fated circumstance. Something on high—not defined, not understandable—is poised, about ready to take some sort of action.

    This is very indicative of the confrontational aspect of 8 Cardinal. These degrees have similarities to the 29th degree, which is not so much a degree of endings as it is of thresholds. It is interesting to note that once a degree. Further information can be found at his website, www. I think 8 Cardinal has a feel to it similar to the Gibbous phase of the Aztec Astrology lunation cycle. One of the the heavenly bodies in the sky on the life of downsides of the degree manifestation man around BC.

    The rise wisdom. It is as if it senses the full and fall of the sun that marks the day was impact of the first decanate is waning, taken as the basic unit or the biorhythm for just as a Gibbous phase marks the astrological calculations. It seems to fully The Aztec calendar is the calendar system comprehend the raw manifestation of the sign in which it resides. Perhaps that is the basis of the conflict It is one of the Mesoamerican calendars, of the turning points that coincide with sharing the basic structure of calendars its appearance in progressions, from throughout ancient Mesoamerica.

    These two cycles together formed a 52 year "century," sometimes called the "Calendar Round. The calendric year began with the first appearance of the Pleiades asterism in the east immediately before the dawn light. T here are quite a few systems for playing the horses by Astrology. The system I use is my own system that I came up with in It's called Wintimes. Back in it took me hours to make a chart. We didn't have computers then so I guess it was good training for me learning Astrology using logarithms.

    Now we can make the same chart in one minute that took a few hours then. So now it's much easier charting the horses when there are so many in each race. Lorraine DiFelice has been studying If you're not familiar with horse racing, here are some basics. On any race day, there are usually eight to 12 races a day. In each race Astrology since Age 13, which comes to a there are usually 6 to 12 horses.

    However, the total of 53 years. After studying Astrology Kentucky Derby had 20 horses and 20, Big at age 13 from library books, she made Brown, won! Post position 20 is far out and charts on every person she met. By age 18 it's unusual that a horse so far on the end Lorraine had perfected her "wintimes" would win. But Big Brown passed them all system but it wasn't until in the s that and won by many horse lengths proving him she had the first program made for others to to be the greatest horse in the bunch. She now sells that program only on When charting the horse races with the help cruises so the user has days in which to learn of Astrology, it would help if you knew a how to use it.

    Lorraine lives in Las they're doing fine. It's been too much work for me to teach it over. I prefer using my "Wintimes" program. You are so electric for those four minutes, you just can't lose. What Are Wintimes The easiest way to let you know how to play the horses on wintimes is to explain what When gambling at the casino, wintimes wintimes are for casino gambling. The are so easy to find.

    It might take you program was made especially for casino months of playing to really zoom in on gambling, and you can find your wintimes which planets make you win the best. On a wintime, you can play any game, any machine, and even the tables. Once you start getting hit after hit you'll know you're on a wintime and that means you have three to four minutes more to keep on winning before it stops.

    Machines do not go cold. You do. Playing the tables is not recommended on a Wintime because even though you might have 10 or 20 or 30 wintimes a day, they most often last only four or eight minutes. I hate when that happens. Even if none of that does happen, how many hands can you play in four minutes?

    When playing the machines you can cash in on every second by playing as fast as you can. You don't know when the big one will hit. It could be any second. If you won big in the first couple of minutes, hurry and move to the next machine and keep on playing to finish out your four minutes. You have two minutes left to play fast. It was so neat. Nothing like it. People on drugs tell me there's nothing like the "high" they get from their drugs.

    Yeah, well, they should win 12 jackpots in eight to 12 minutes and see what a better "high" it might just be. I assure you, there's nothing like it. People have begged me to help them find the time they were so electric and couldn't lose for four hours!!! They would pay anything to find that time again.

    And I'd love to help them, but if they don't know the day and the minutes they won, there's no way to go back to find that kind of a time again and again. They comes as a result of the play place chart. Say you have some planets in your chart at 10 degrees. Say you already know those planets are lucky for you. On a day when there are planets in the heavens at 10 degrees, aspecting your own chart, wow, you have some wintimes coming for that day.

    You can look ahead for this. The more degrees, the more wins. However, there's a little more to it.